I’m interested in working with commercial and private clients on projects both near to and far from Duxbury, Massachusetts.

View samples of work on these pages, more is available on request.


A gallery of portraits.

Oyster Farming

The combination of a protected bay, tide flow, and relatively mild year round water temperatures result in Duxbury Bay being an ideal place to grow oysters. Oysters grow from tiny seed to market size in about 18 months. These photographs chronicle the people who farm and harvest oysters on Duxbury Bay, and provide a glimpse into work and life centered around aquaculture.


A mix of photographs from several weddings. Contact us for wedding photography information.

Duxbury Bay Maritime School

The Sailing, ecology, and rowing programs of Duxbury Bay Maritime School.


People in motion.


An effort to improve seafood production and provide economic opportunities for underprivileged women who grow and harvest shellfish in East Africa. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Island Creek Oysters Foundation are working with women in coastal villages on the Tanzanian Island of Zanzibar to use sustainable aquaculture to replenish local shellfish stocks for protein consumption and commerce. Motivation and background for the shellfish farming work is explained by illustrating life and culture on the island of Zanzibar, centered on women shellfish farmers and their families. My role on the project is to illustrate the significance of developing a new, ecologically sustainable source of protein for local consumption and it’s economic significance for the native people of Zanzibar.

Crossroads For Kids

Camp Wing is a summer camp for Boston area at-risk kids, run by the Crossroads for Kids organization. It’s a typical summer camp; swimming, sports, crafts, dining hall, free time etc. These photographs show a little of what summer is like at Camp Wing. The girls portraits were taken outside their cabins during rest hour, after lunch.

Fontbonne Academy

Fontbonne Academy is an all girls high school in Milton, MA. My goal in documenting academics, athletics and daily life there was to produce an updated set of clean and fresh images for use in a new viewbook/brochure for prospective students.


Brewing and bottling operations/equipment, Harpoon Brewery.